Friday, May 27, 2005

Second Week Box Office for ROTS?

If you are a statistics junkie like I am (baseball, music charts, box office numbers), then you may appreciate the fine work of the folks at Box Office Mojo. BOM tracks the box office figures for all movies released.

Through Wednesday, ROTS $191.4 million, and probably exceeded the $200 million barrier on Thursday (if the viewing trend continued). Just for fun, anyone wanna speculate on the second week box office figures (which is measure Mon. through Sun.)? The Mon. through Wed. total is $32.9 million. I would guess that ROTS generated another $8 million on Thursday, which would push the second week total to $40 million. I would also guess that ROTS will generate about $20 million per day Fri. through Sun., for a $60 million weekend, and a $100 million second week. I may be underestimating the weekend by some margin, too, considering that this is a holiday weekend. It would be great to see ROTS generate $80 or $90 million over the weekend, and push the second week total to $120 million or so.

For comparison, Box Office Report is forecasting ROTS as generating $73 million for the holiday weekend (Friday through Monday). Giving each day equal weight (arbitrarily), the Frid. through Sun. window would generate about $54 million, and would put the second week number at around $90 million.

For now, I will stick with around $100 million, and hope that I am underestimating.

I hope that this movie keeps its word of mouth momentum and replaces the dreadful "Titantic" at the top of the box office heap (non-adjusted dollars).

If anyone is out there, please leave a prediction in the comments. The winner will receive Republic Credits as his/her reward.

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