Wednesday, September 15, 2004


CBS will issue a statement by EMAIL at noon purportedly addressing the allegedly forged memos (courtesy of Backcountry Conservative via Instapundit).

Rather has personally defended the "60 Minutes II" piece on several CBS Evening News broadcasts, and has been firmly castigated by the blogsphere for his lack of a defense. Rather's rather pathetic defenses have attempted to redirect the questions from the authenticity of the documents to whether anything from the documents can stick against Dubya. Unfortunately for The Dan, authenticity of a document is more than getting the "thumbs up" from the intern that just fetched your morning latte and the lack of authenticity trumps the necessity of anyone answering questions raised by suspicious documents.

The "email at high noon" approach is certainly interesting, as a stark contrast to the Texas Twit's two-stepping live action defense for the past week. Is Rather and his minions crawling back into the bat-cave in hopes that other news will eventually wipe this from our memory? Let's hope not, since Rather seems to have a checkered past with truthfulness.

For an excellent starting point in this sad, sorry episode, check out my brethern of the bar at Powerline.

UPDATE: Shockingly, as of 4:00pm (EST), I have yet to see a link to or a report of the "high noon" email that CBS claimed it would release today. I'm shocked that CBS didn't keep its word. And appalled.

Does anyone here the ticking of that blasted 60 Minutes watch?

UPDATE II: Polipundit writes that CBS has delayed the "high noon" email until "rush hour".

Although, according to this link from Polipundit, Rather would rather stick to his guns.

UPDATE III: More "shock" and "appall" from me - no wait - "shock and awe" - Tiffany's Black Eye failed to release the email at 5:00pm as promised. I've got my "eye" on CBS.

UPDATE IV: At approximately 6:50pm, Rather reported on the "60 Minutes II" piece as if he was completely detached from the reporting. Bill Hobbs has a nice phrase-by-phrase response to the money quote coming from CBS.

The CBS Evening News report went on to provide a short clip and tease of Marion Knox , who claims that the documents are false (that she did not type them), but that the information in the documents reflect Lt. Col. Killian's sentiments at the time.

The predictable spin should follow - means (falsifying documents) justify the ends (Bush lied!!).


UPDATE V: Watched "60 Minutes II" piece. Arg. According to Ms. Knox, documents are not authentic, but are accurate recreations of events and sentiments. According to The Dan, critics have not challenged the content of the documents (which of course leads to the conclusion that the "unchallenged" contents are true - ahem).

I have some thoughts on this, but I have to perform research to verify that I am approaching the thoughts in an accurate manner.


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