Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Courtesy of the Red, White and BLUE

US soldier injured - not in the line of duty, but at a Toby Keith concert in Columbus, OH. NBC4i.com (Hat Tip: Backcountry Conservative)

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A local soldier back from the war in Iraq said he was beaten at an area concert because of what was printed on his T-shirt, NBC 4's Nancy Burton reported.

Foster Barton, 19, of Grove City, received a Purple Heart for his military service in Iraq. He almost lost his leg last month after a Humvee he was riding in ran over a landmine.

Barton said he was injured again Friday night in a crowded parking lot as he was leaving the Toby Keith concert at Germain Amphitheatre. The solider was injured so badly that he can't go back to Iraq as scheduled.

"I don't remember getting hit at all, really," said Barton, a member of the 1st Calvary Division. "He hit me in the back of the head. I fell and hit the ground. I was knocked unconscious and he continued to punch and kick me on the ground."

Barton and his family said he was beat up because he was wearing an Iraqi freedom T-shirt.


After a two-week leave, Barton was supposed to return to Iraq Tuesday. But his broken nose will delay his return.

Anyone got an over/under on the amount time the highlighted portion is spun by liberals? I mean, gosh, this anti-war, troop supporting peace-activist was looking out for this soldier's best interests, right? The soldier got some extra time at home - so he has THAT goin' for him (shameless pilfer of Karl Spackler - Caddyshack).


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